cyberTribe is a recent addition to the fineArtforum Gallery and features international indigenous artists...

curated by Jenny Fraser

november launch
'belonging' a solo exhibition by Jason Davison, NT
  also featured
'eyesee' - Enjoy the Self-Definition of 12 Awe-Inspiring Indigenous artists... Launched in August 2000, the exhibition features notable artists from Africa, Australia, Brasil,Canada and the USA.

fineArt forum began hosting the international indigenous Trophies of Honour Art Chronicles of Indigenous Peoples gallery in 1996, which was created and is maintained by native American artists and performers.

exhibition of the year! - Ilan Pasin - This is our Way - Torres Strait Art

artists of the month:

June - Jason Davidson, Darwin, NT, AUS

July - Fiona Foley Hervey Bay, QLD, AUS

August - Keith Wolfe Smarch , Yukon, Canada

September - Christian Thompson, VIC, AUS

October - Lucy Dann & Mayu Kanamori,Broome,AUS

November - Destiny Deacon, VIC, AUS

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